Unveiling Romance and Drama: Sirf Tum Concludes on a High Note


For a month the audience embarked on a journey with characters from the drama serial Sirf Tum. With many twists and turns in the characters’ lives, Sirf Tum was successfully able to keep the audience hooked and captivated.

Written by Seema Munaf and directed by Mazhar Moin, Sirf Tum is a signature style 7th Sky Entertainment production with larger-than-life frames, a jaw dropping set, and of course a sizzling on-screen pairing. The drama concluded with forty-eight episodes of dramatic turns, conflicts, and chaos that all settled with a dreamy and romantic beach scene in the last scene of the last episode.

Let’s dive straight to the last episode and see how the drama concluded.

★spoilers ahead.

An Ending For The Audience

The last episode begins with Abeer firmly standing on her decision to go to America. She expresses her love for Hannan to Hamza, who keeps on agitating her and pushing her to leave Hannan and marry her.

The episode moves forward as tension rises in the household with Abeer leaving. Hannan is devastated and after finding no other choice, he turns to Sara for help so that she can clear the misunderstandings between Hannan and Abeer. Hamza, who is desperate to create more confusion between Hannan and Abeer, overhears their conversation and reaches Sara’s house before she can leave for the airport to clear things out with Abeer.

In a dramatic turn of events, Hamza and Abeer-who is going to the airport-both end up at Sara’s place. Hamza aggressively tries to manipulate Sara and tries to stop her from going to the airport. However, Abeer overhears their conversation of how Hamza influenced Sara to create misunderstandings between Abeer and Hannan.

After Hamza loses his cool, Abeer comes to Sara’s rescue and takes her to the hospital. Sara attempts to patch things between Hannan and Abeer and reassures Abeer that she should be with Hannan, who loves her, and Sara tells Abeer that she is getting engaged.

After some more dramatic scenes that followed due to Hamza’s aggressive reaction to Abeer and Hannan reuniting, we finally get to see the lead pair together on the beach, sharing some romantic moments with a mesmerizing backdrop.

Fans were over the moon to see Abeer and Hannan reunited, and the last episode not only garnered more than 4 million views in less than 20 hours of the release of the episode but also received positive feedback from the audience in general.

What Worked for Sirf Tum?

The views and the applause that Sirf Tum received are a testament to its success. Although the drama had a total of forty-eight episodes, the fact that it concluded within a month, and was not stretched any further, really helped in keeping the drama’s rage alive, as it did not agitate the audience with unnecessary scenes.

The production was top-notch and there was no comprise in setting up a jaw-dropping backdrop and set, that immediately hooked the audience. All the scenes were well executed and that made the narrative believable and engaging to watch.

The Performances

It would be unfair not to mention the performances of the cast that contributed to making the drama a huge success.

Hamza Sohail as Hannan and Anmol Baloch as Abeer were impeccable in depicting the turmoil of a couple who ended up marrying each other due to family pressure. The scenes that followed after they got married were highly appreciated by the audience and critics alike due to the magical on-screen chemistry, they shared on-screen.

Anmol Baloch’s wardrobe and styling was done impeccably well and the variety of outfits she ended up choosing for her character, both western and eastern, added to her performance and role holistically.

Hamza Sohail once again proved his mantle in acting with his performance as Hannan. Despite being a part of the entertainment industry for a short period, he has proved himself as a versatile performer and his acting, expressions, and body language in Sirf Tum was up to the mark.

Mohsin Abbas Haider left no stone unturned to perform his character to perfection. Hamza, the antagonist of the drama, and the evil, spoiled cousin who was determined to create anarchy left the audience furious, a testament to his acting prowess. Hamza’s character added a dramatic element to the drama and kept it interesting, which was appreciated by the audience.

Hibba Aziz also did a decent job in portraying her character, Sara. She was able to strike the right balance between creating confusion in the minds of the audience about her intentions and feelings for Hannan and redeeming her character in the end.

The rest of the cast of the drama includes Sakina Khan, Fazila Kazi, Erum Akhter, Ayesha Gul, Sabiha Hashmi, Akber Islam, Zia Gurchani, and Salma Asim.

What Could Improve?

Truth be told, Sirf Tum was a commercial success that was made for the masses. It did its job aptly and was an enormous success. The story being another run-of-the-mill plot could have been modified to add new elements to the narrative that would have made the drama more engaging to watch.

In addition, some scenes were over-dramatized, including the scene where Hamza divorces his wife in front of her father. The scene was poorly and insensitively executed, leaving a negative impact on the audience and in some ways trivializing divorce, which is a serious issue of our society.

Sirf Tum unfortunately wasn’t spared from the curse of casual slaps seen in Pakistani drama. The slaps are slipped so seamlessly into the narrative and are left undiscussed that it seems it is a normal act. This sets a wrong precedent and condones physical violence. We do hope that in the future the dramas minimize depicting physical violence and the inclusion of casual slaps from the narrative.

All in all, Sirf Tum did a remarkable job in entertaining the audience and keeping them hooked by bringing a story that was appreciated by the viewers and sculpting characters that the audience resonated with. While the drama did not offer any out of the box narrative, it surely did present a compelling narrative that was able to successfully able to entertain the audience.