Our Corporate Philosophy


Seventh Sky believes in creating brands and not just in producing software. It makes brands upon incisive and competitive strategic thinking, great production values with creative synergy that is uniquely developed and brilliantly executed.


Seventh Sky is in the business of ‘creating value’ for its brands with pride of quality planning, production and marketing. The team of Seventh Sky passionately and zealously focuses on what it stands for and all that it does by getting all its brands appreciated by viewers and audience in the market place.

Vision Statement

Seventh Sky is in the business of creating a non-stop mélange of moving images while enjoying the high of entertainment.

Mission Statement

Seventh Sky is the custodian of quality entertainment brands- our growth and profitability depends upon our partner’s growth and profitability.

Our Identity

The name 'Seventh Sky'

The name Seventh Sky comes from the Urdu proverb ‘Saatwaan Asmaan’- literally in English, seventh heaven. One does not need to think too hard to figure out the reason behind the name itself as it lies in its core philosophy, a road map to redefine how entertainment must be- instead of how it is today in the Pakistani and regional context of television broadcast and film entertainment.

Symbol of Seventh Sky

The symbol of Seventh Sky ‘Maestro’ is the mascot of the company. He is an embodiment of perfection, experience, maturity, and class with an eye for details. He represents the spirit of the company that is built upon commitment, consistency and creativity.

Logo Philosophy

The Logo of the company features its mascot, ‘Maestro’ as the central icon standing with conviction between the brand nomenclature in a perfect union and composition representing cohesion in all activities and facets of the company.

The blue hue along with its tints and shades represent both the vastness of the sky as well as the ambition of the company’s vision which is to be ‘high on entertainment’ reaching the seventh sky with intuition, intrigue and innovation as the three elements of success.

Together, as a team, we build brands;

share the dreams, rewards and responsibilities.