Seventh Sky Business Expansion

Publications & Periodicals

Moving from broadcast media to Print media is not a conventional business curve, however, for Seventh Sky, there is no formula to creating the 360 degrees of interpolated opportunities. ‘7th Page’ will launch its first lifestyle and entertainment first quarter of 2025.

Event Management

Event planning and management has been a strong point of the company when it comes to producing branded-shows and events related to special days. However, as part of its new business strategy, Seventh Sky is going to formally separate its current business unit of Event Management and turn it in to an independent entity ‘7th Wonder’ to handle not just Seventh Sky projects but now also work for other clients.

Media Property Development and Syndication

Another one of Seventh Sky’s mega pipeline project is its under-works Awards Property of the Industry that is going to premiere at an International Venue in the first quarter of 2025. clear objective of becoming Pakistan’s number 1 awards night show.

Future Projects

Diversification stems out automatically and just as naturally in associated fields of any business. Media and Entertainment industry is no exception. Seventh Sky as a ‘truly enterprising company’ is currently undergoing business expansion phase as part of its Seven year plan. Here is a sneak preview of the pipeline ventures;


Film Distribution and Film Territory Rights management

Pakistan has once again, opened up to immense possibilities to rekindle the magic of sliver screen. New and modern multiplexes and the ever-increasing demand of cine-entertainment are all encouraging indicators for Seventh Sky which is formally entering in to Film distribution and rights management business under the banner of ‘7th Hit’.


Talent Management

True artists management in Film and Television industry is a huge gap that Seventh Sky is planning to fill with the near-future launch of its subsidiary, ‘7th Icon’. The company is going to be a professional custodian of all stake-holders involved in talent contracts, appearances and participation.


Seventh Sky must reinvigorate its pledge to move a step forward every day to fulfill


and accomplish its goals. It must do this by resolving that:


It will continuously strive to enhance every aspect of its existence


as a ‘company of preference’.


It will expand beyond expectations, rise above self and brighten


its presence as a mega, umbrella brand.