Seven Reasons to Look at us

When looking for a perfect business associate in Pakistan, Seventh Sky becomes a natural choice.

It boasts an enviable list of Seven features that set the company apart in the market place.

These Seven Reasons are only the beginning as with each of our core strength there is value addition associated with it.

Our Core Strength

Talent Pool

Teamwork is a prime source of inspiration for Seventh Sky as it rightly understands media and entertainment to be a ‘collaborative discipline’- a simple realization that has led the company in forming professional work relations and alliances with the crème da la crème of the industry. From writers, directors to actors and professionals both within and outside Pakistan- the company boasts an enviable list of renowned icons working with seventh sky. Some include:


Directors: Anjum Shehzad, Ahsan Talish, Nadeem Baig, Sarmad Sultan Khoosat, Mehreen Jabbar, Siraj ul Haque, Wajahat Hussain, Farooq Rind, Haseeb Hassan, Aabis Raza, Yasir Nawaz, Ahmed Kamran, Sakina Samo, Misbah Khalid, Roomi Insha, Mazhar Moin, S. Suleman, Kamran Qureshi, Shaqielle Khan, Shehrezade Sheikh, Haider Imam Rizvi, Ali Faizan, Saima Waseem.


Writers:  Umera Ahmed, Khalil ur Rehman Qamar, Maha Malik, Sarwat Nazeer, Seema Munaf, Samra Bukhari, Shehla Shakoor, Rukhsana Nigar, Rahat Jabeen, Asma Nabeel, Faiza Ifthikar, Ali Imran, Muhammad Ahmed, Dr. Younis Butt, Samina Aijaz, Seema Ghazal, Iqbal Bano, Rahat, Jabeen, Hina Huma Nafees, Aaliya Bukhari, Zafar Mairaj, Saira Arif, Bushra Ansari, Samra Bukhari, Sadia Akhter, Asghar Nadeem Syed, Wasi Shah, Jahanzeb Qamar, Misbah Nosheen, Nadia Akhter, Nuzhat Saman, Qaisera Hayat.


Singers: Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, Sahir Ali Bagga, Fakhir, Abida Perveen, Hadiqa Kiyani, Nabeel Shaukat Ali, Aima Baig, Fariha Pervez, Jal, Zeb & Haniya, Quratullain Baluch, Bilal Khan, K.S Chithra, Saad Sultan, Aima Baig, Asim Azhar, Sara Raza, Sonu Nigham, Tina Sani, Shibani Kashyap, Sajjad Ali, Amanat Ali, Sanam Marvi, Naeem Abbas Rufi, Saif Samejo, Humaira Channa, Shafqat Amanat Ali, Sharvari Deshpande, Nirmal Roye, Bilal Saeed.


Music Directors: Sahir Ali Bagga, Shuja Haider, Fakhir, Muzzafar Ali, Raheel Fayaz, Shani Arshad, Waqar Ali, Farukh Abid, Saad Sultan, Asim Azhar, Jatin Lalit, Naveed Naushad, Bilal Saeed, Mohsin Allahdita, Wajid Saeed, Shani Arshad, Naveed Nashad

Financial Strength

Seventh Sky has always believed in the adage, ‘Good idea must always make good business sense’, reason why bringing order and financial sense to this industry was one of the foundation stone for Seventh Sky. The company enjoys exceptional and unrivaled financial repute and history in the marketplace. Banking with the best bankers in the country the company has consolidated its assets and annual turnover to a level of a success story.

Industry Knowledge

Both of the company’s directors have years of experience in Television and Film industry as producers, director and actors thus covering the full circle of this industry with having a first hand knowledge of the trade.

Global Network

The company has strong networking arrangements, agreements and working relationships in the region and beyond. Seventh Sky is one of the top producers of international projects both as a co-venture partner and a solo production company.

Partner Support

Seventh Sky has an exceptional relationship with all the ‘top Pakistani and International television networks’ in addition it enjoys an equally cordial working relationship with all the ‘top Pakistani clients, advertising agencies and media buying houses’.

Production Facility

‘Input equals output’ is the reason behind Seventh Sky’s technical investment for in-house state-of-the-art facility so that its team can benefit from the latest technology and equipment at par with the rest of the world. This full-service, in-house production facility includes fully integrated SD and HD equipment for Cameras and its peripherals, NLE bays and under and exclusive arrangement, access to a fully-digital Sound Studios to complement.

In addition the company has its own Wardrobe, Styling and Make Up departments, Lighting system and all other ancillary support that is pivotal to one-window production solutions.

Marketing Support

People at Seventh Sky believe in a tested philosophy, which is that no production can reach its true optimal unless a strong ‘marketing’ and ‘marketing communications’ plan support it.

Seventh Sky has a strong team that focuses solely on this aspect of Post-Production, in fact the ideas and work begin right at the time of pre-production stage with Pakistan’s top creative consulting firm, ‘DESIGN’:Shahzad Nawaz Design offering consulting services to the company for its marketing ideas and communication needs. These Seven Reasons are only the beginning as with each of our core strength there is value-addition associated with it.