Tere Bin producers deny giving permission for an Indian remake


Co-producer Abdullah Kadwani emphasises importance of upholding professional courtesy following reports of an Ekta Kapoor remake being in the works.

Following rumours that Indian director Ekta Kapoor was set to remake the hit Pakistani television drama Tere Bin, the showrunners have responded, stating that “no consent or permission has been sought” from them.

In a post on his Instagram, co-producer Abdullah Kadwani expressed “great pride” in the international acclaim and worldwide admiration garnered by Tere Bin, adding that it paved the way for “Pakistani content to resonate on a global scale”.



He highlighted that reports of an adaptation in India, “though unconfirmed officially,” were brought to his attention. He clarified that “no consent or permission has been sought from the producers of the channel regarding this matter”.

Reiterating his appreciation for the inspiration brought about by the show, he emphasised the “importance of any remake or adaptation being conducted with due regard to legal, ethical and moral considerations”.

“We hold deep respect for our fellow producers and request that this fundamental professional courtesy should be upheld.”

Indian media was recently abuzz with rumours that Kapoor would be remaking the show. However, the director never confirmed it. Reports went so far as to claim that actors Kanika Mann and Ayesha Singh were already under consideration for roles in the reinterpretation.

Geo TV’s romantic drama Tere Bin starred Yumna Zaidi and Wahaj Ali as the beloved Meerub and Murtasim, whose love story often went viral — sometimes for the wrong reasons and sometimes for the right reasons. However, there is no denying it was a fan favourite across the globe as the show amassed millions of views per episode on YouTube. It broke records and captivated audiences worldwide, making it a phenomenal success. After the show concluded, Kadwani promptly took to Instagram to announce a second season.