Rang Mahal comes to a Fitting End & Fans are already Requesting A Season 2 !


Rang Mahal came to a rather fitting end where we finally saw Mahpara and Rayed get their happily ever after! And while we do feel for Salaar, he definitely found a better partner in Sara, our man deserved nothing less! The drama quickly became one of the top trends on Twitter:

Needless to say, the ending had fans requesting for a season 2 already!


People were feeling for Salaar:


People were lauding Humayoun Ashraf for playing a villain as iconic as Sohail!



There was love and praise for Seher Khan playing Mahpara:


For sureeee!


Divided between #TeamSalaar and #TeamRayed fans held mixed opinions on the ending!


#TeamRayed was over the moon!


Fans loved the ending!




Fans really enjoyed the ending!



#TeamSalaar, however, did not enjoy the ending:







Someone had to say it!




People were sharing how Rayed too didn’t know everything:


Some had their reservations:


Hahaha, agreed!


We’ll always have a special place for Salaar in our heart!


Sohail’s death left some in tears!



People were already missing the drama!