Ishq Jalebi Was Our Favourite Comedy To Watch Over Ramadan & Eid – Here’s Why!


This year, Ramadan was lit up by comedy dramas on our television channels that not only kept the family entertained but invoked a sense of good lessons to learn as well. Full of emotions, drama and tons of humour, it was a tough competition to choose which one we loved the most but in the end it was truly 7th Sky Entertainment’s Ishq Jalebi that stood miles ahead of the rest of its rival shows.

Made with the intricacies Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi’s 7th Sky Entertainment shows have now come to be known for, Ishq Jalebi directed by Wajahat Hussain was everything we expected out of a season festive comedy and even more!

What did we love the most and observed as path-breaking? Diva has the lowdown…


The Concept


Ramadan comedies are meant to be kept light and crisp – and many times they remain just that. However, Ishq Jalebi was one show that takes the idea of keeping it humorous but with a story that was interesting to follow as well and not just another mindless narrative. The story revolving around the Boota’s, their catering business and serpentine family ties made for a superbly interesting drama to watch!


The Integration of COVID-19 SOPs


It is absolutely a feat how brilliantly the producers have managed to make COVID-19  central to the plot of Ishq Jalebi. It showcases a brilliant vision where the 7th Sky Entertainment team have become the first & only people to have thought about incorporating information and knowledge about the virus into the narrative. From taking SOPs seriously to starting a conversation around social distancing, the drama made it all highly informative and presented the message in a humorous yet striking manner.


The Script


The most popular name perhaps of the Ramadan season, Saima Akram Chaudhry has nailed how each character in Ishq Jalebi had a personality of their own. Even in a house full of people, each character had a purpose and got equal screen time. The script was just how we like it – funny, crisp, and absolutely a riot to watch. For many like us, it served as the perfect piece of entertainment to watch after Iftar.


Production Design & Art Direction


Production value is something that 7th Sky Entertainment is now synonymous with and Ishq Jalebi only proved it further. From the perfect showcase of a joint family system and how that household would look to the feel of the show – replete with an environment feeling real and genuine, the drama proved to a delight to watch. Kudos to the producers in making sure production design and art direction remain top-notch.


The Ensemble Cast


Be it Wahaj Ali or Madiha Imam both fit perfectly into the writing, which proves that is is a commendable job done through both the script and casting. Similarly, the supporting ensemble cast, such as Irsa Ghazal and her portrayal of Sajjo proves to be hilarious, Noor ul Hassan’s comic timing as Advocate Ashiq Hussain remains particularly enjoyable and each character fleshed out in the show is given the perfect cast member such as Qavi Khan, Hina Bayat, Kashif Mehmood, Usama Khan, Shaista Jabeen, Mehmood Aslam, Maryam Noor, Mariyam Nafees, Syed Atif, and Parveen Akbar to portray it.


The Vision


Ishq Jalebi proves that there is a strong team of producers at the helm because the show sails smoothly throughout its narrative. There’s impeccably-crafted vision visible throughout the show that hints at the prowess of producers Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi and their unique approach to creating the perfect drama for Eid.




Melodious and mellifluous in all its tangents, the original soundtrack (OST) from Ishq Jalebi – done by Wajhi Farooki proves to be that perfect tune you’d want to hum. There are complementing lyrics to the whole OST and we bet everyone loved it as much as we did!


The Family Values


While Ishq Jalebi was a comedy drama, it deals with numerous emotions such as anger, love, heartbreak, and regret, which all added to the way it tied everything up with family values. The show never crossed the line between joking and hurting someone’s feelings. Residents of Bela Manzil never thought of physically or emotionally abusing another character, proving that the producers created a drama which can teach its audiences what true entertainment with a strong message looks like!

With tons to root for, Ishq Jalebi once again proves that 7th Sky Entertainment as well as the brains behind it all, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi have perfectly stitched a narrative that made the festive month all about great entertainment. There’s an absolute vision with which the team has worked and we just hope we get to see more of such perfectly-done up Ramadan dramas each year from them!