Faysal Quraishi And Durefishan Saleem’s Upcoming Drama Khaie’s Teaser Sparks Cinematic Splendor


Geo just unveiled the first look of its upcoming drama serial Khaie, and the teaser has left us a bit puzzled – it’s so cinematic, that it almost feels like a movie. The opening shot, a bird’s eye view of running horses, hints at director Syed Wajahat Hussain’s signature style, reminiscent of the craft we’ve seen in Khuda or Muhabbat season 3. If you recall the first promo with shots of the shrine in Multan, you’ll recognize the unique touch. 7th Sky Entertainment is branding Khaie as the grand one, and knowing their track record, we’re inclined to believe the hype.

Mr versatile, Faysal Quraishi, is making a comeback after Farq, and this time he’s teaming up with Durefishan Saleem. But wait, that’s not all – he’s not just on Geo. You can catch him in Zulm on Hum TV and Shikaar on Green Entertainment, all at the same time. And as if that’s not enough drama goodness, Durefishan is rocking the screen with Ishq Murshid on Hum TV, after killing it in Jaise Apki Marzi and Jurm. These two are basically owning the TV scene this year.

The Action-Packed First Look of Khaie

The teaser has us on the edge with its jaw-dropping action, featuring rifles, blood, and intense scenes that suggest a thrilling storyline. The breathtaking locations hint at the northern areas of Pakistan, possibly indicating a tale rooted in tribal issues. As for the cast, Faisal Quraishi appears to be taking on a negative role, aligning with his recent portrayals in Zulm and Shikaar as an intense character. Glimpses of Durefishan with guns and dynamic actions, including a dance scene, suggest intriguing character shifts.

The teaser kicks off with Faisal’s intriguing dialogue, Khel Main Jub tak Suspense Na Ho Wo Khel Khel Nahi, teasing a suspenseful game about to unfold. Faisal Qureshi’s command over dialogues, especially delivered in a pashto accent, shines through in the teaser. The concluding line, Wo Kiya Kehte Hain Angrezi Main … Hum Tumhara King Hai Or Tum Hamari Queen, adds an extra layer of intrigue, leaving us eagerly anticipating the drama’s unveiling.

Faysal’s Gangster Swagger and Dure’s Grace Collide in Khaie

Faysal Quraishi truly captivates in his Pathan persona, exuding an authentic gangster vibe with his commanding body language and the striking presence of a gun. However, the disconnect arises with his haircut, which could be better aligned with the tribal or Sardar aesthetics to enhance the overall authenticity. On the other hand, Durefishan maintains her usual grace, with a stunning and soothing dance sequence that showcases her elegance. Her confident demeanour, especially when securing her dupatta in one of the glimpses, contrasts sharply with the vulnerability revealed in the wedding scene. As the teaser hints at an impending marriage between the two characters, the anticipation builds, leaving us with crossed fingers and eager hearts for the unfolding journey ahead.

The Buzz Around Khaie: A Pashto Title Unraveled

YouTube viewers seem thoroughly impressed with the teaser, lauding its cinematic values, action sequences, and stellar cast. The story, crafted by Saqlain Abbas, features an ensemble cast including Hadiqa Kiani, Noor Ul Hassan, Khalid Butt, Laila Wasti, Osama Tahir, Uzma Hassan, Saba Faysal, Hina Bayat, Javed Jamal, and more.

Curiosity is buzzing among viewers, especially regarding the title’s meaning. Khaie, a Pashto word, is cleverly used to inquire about someone’s well-being, akin to asking, Thek Ho? in Urdu. The intrigue around the title adds an extra layer of anticipation for the drama. Let’s see where this one takes us.