Ehraam-e-Junoon Ends On A High Note With Positive Ending


The curtains closed on GEO Entertainment’s drama Ehraam-e-Junoon last night, after a run of good forty-two episodes, each appreciated by the audience. The audience was left content after getting the ending they were rooting for. But did the drama leave an impact or was it another run-off-the-mill storyline?

Ehraam-e-Junoon is a production venture of 7th Sky Entertainment and is directed by Syed Ramish Rizvi and is written by Jahanzeb Qamar.

There is no doubt about the dramas unparalleled massive popularity and the appreciation it has garnered over the past few months. Neelam Muneer and Imran Abbas were particular favourites, who were one of the major driving forces that contributed towards the ratings with their star presence and their performances.

Before we decode a holistic picture of the drama, let’s dive into the concluding episode.


Ehraam-e-Junoon ends on a happy note:

First thing first, it is worth mentioning at this point, that the forty-two-minute last episode was sufficient for a non-viewer of Ehraam-e-Junoon to get a decent idea what the entire drama was about. With a climax followed by a happy ending, Ehraam-e-Junoon’s last episode has plenty of flashback as fillers.

The drama opens with Nadiya (played by Maira Khan) confessing to Shani that Shanzay is innocent and didn’t conspire with Khawar to harass Sajeela. She also confesses that she helped Khawar in setting up a business and took promises from him to care for Nadiya in return.

The episode continues as Sajeela (Nimra Khan) and Shani’s mother agree to their wedding. Sajeela is adamant to keep Shanzay (played by Neelam Muneer) away from Shani (Imran Abbas) after they get married and get Shanzay’s wealth.

The drama unfolds with a heartbroken Shanzay, who decides to sacrifice her love for Shani’s happiness. She visits Sajeela, transferring her shares to Shani and pledging to step out of his life. Shanzay expresses her desire to remain married to Shani, keeping his name with her.

Sajeela is overjoyed and celebrates her triumph in removing Shanzay from Shani’s life, along with gaining the money. She eagerly contacts Shani, expressing her affection for him, attributing it to his newfound wealth, emphasizing that love holds little value without financial security. Shani is taken aback and reacts angrily, slapping Sajeela while demanding to know Shanzay’s whereabouts.

Shani searches for Sajeela and, upon discovering that she has gone to the airport, rushes to find her. A Pakistani version of the airport scene unfolds, with Shani professing his love for Shanzay and pleading with her not to leave him. Shanzay agrees, and they walk hand in hand from the airport, concluding the drama and leaving viewers content.

What contributed to the success of the project?

There were several elements in the drama that made the drama stand out.

The drama served as a delightful escape, offering viewers a well-deserved respite from their busy workdays. Its uncomplicated storyline guaranteed an enjoyable and stress-free viewing experience.

As a signature production of 7th Sky Entertainment, the drama exuded grandeur, elevating the narrative to larger-than-life proportions and creating memorable moments for the audience to savor.

The on-screen chemistry between Neelam Muneer and Imran Abbas, who portrayed Shanzay and Shani, was nothing short of captivating. They seamlessly immersed themselves in their respective roles, crafting unforgettable moments that left the audience enthralled.

In addition, Nimra Khan’s portrayal of the antagonist, Sajeela, was a standout performance. Her portrayal added depth to her character, making it a compelling watch and adding intrigue to the storyline.

The rest of the cast included Maira Khan as Nadiya, Ismat Zaidi as Kulsoom, Aadi Khan as Subhan (Jugnu), Saqib Sumeer as Khawar, Zainab Qayyum as Samiya (Shanzay’s mother), Mehmood Aslam as Kamran (Shanzay’s father), Birjees Farooqui as Farzana (Sajeela’s mother), Farah Nadeem as Shakeela (Khawar’s mother), Anas Ali Imran as Rumi, Kinza Bukhari as Shaziya, Fahima Awan as Ramsha, and Mirza Rizwan as Faiq.

Another noteworthy aspect of the drama was Neelam’s impeccable fashion choices. Whether it was Western-inspired co-ord sets, elegant long dresses, or exquisite Eastern attire, she effortlessly embraced a diverse range of looks. What truly set her apart was her innate ability to don each ensemble with effortless grace, consistently selecting the perfect outfit for every occasion without ever crossing the line of extravagance.

Our Verdict:

Ehraam-e-Junoon undeniably achieved commercial success and resonated profoundly with its audience. The collaborative efforts of director Syed Ramish Rizvi and writer Jahanzeb Qamar played a pivotal role in making this drama a captivating experience. Notably, the depiction of a powerful, affluent female character actively pursuing a romantic interest and marriage was a refreshing departure from conventional scripts. This innovative approach piqued our curiosity, and we eagerly anticipated how the creative team would navigate this storyline.

While there exist certain elements that didn’t sit well, it is essential to acknowledge the dedication and contributions of everyone involved in this project, which undoubtedly contributed to its success.