Director Mazhar Moin’s masterpiece drama “Dil Awaiz”


The world is changing so fast. Every sector is undergoing rapid change. In the same way, the colors of show business television are also changing. There was a time when there was only one channel and everyone was anxiously waiting for the TV drama at 8 o’clock at night and for the second episode there was restlessness all week long. Not at all now.

There have been dramatic changes in television dramas. Credit goes to a new generation of artists and craftsmen and producers. Now you don’t have to wait for seven days for the next episode of the drama, because the daily episode of the super hit drama is on air and then it is shown again late at night.

In view of the extraordinary interest of the viewers, apart from one daily installment of the producer and director of drama, a combined gift of two episodes is given on the holiday, i.e. Sunday, which further increases the interest of the viewers and they from the television screen. Are connected. This is what the producers and directors of the superhit drama “Dil Awaiz” which is being presented on the screens of Geo these days said that the popularity of “Dil Awaiz” is touching the seventh heaven. Seventh Sky, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi’s captivating productions have been made masterpieces by Mazhar Moin, the most talented, talented and capable director of the new generation.

Dil Awaaz touched the hearts of the viewers from its very first episode and left behind all the TV dramas, whether it was ratings or social media, everywhere “Dil Awaiz” spread its unique colors. The work of this play was accomplished by the skill of an intelligent director like Mazhar Moin, while the high quality productions of number one producers like Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi won the hearts of the audience.

Director Mazhar Moin's masterpiece drama "Dil Awaiz"

Among the artists working in “Dil Awaiz”, the handsome and talented actress Kunza Hashmi is playing the lead role of “Dil Awaiz”, these days she is all over the TV screen. Senior actor Kashif Mehmood in the role of “Nawab Shahabuddin” filled the colors of reality. Popular drama actress Jawariya Abbasi is playing the role of Roshan Arai Begum.

Nowhere in the play did the triangle of Kunza Hashmi, Jawariya Abbasi and Kashif Mahmood diminish the interest of the audience. New actress Sabina Farooq is giving brilliant performances in the form of Fariya, Ayesha Gul, Dardana Phoopho. Affan Waheed is playing the role of Heer Wa in the play, but the real hero and heroine of the play is Kunza Hashmi.

The whole story seems to revolve around them. Among other artists, Farhan Ali Agha and Fazeela Qazi are playing the roles of Affan Waheed’s (Alexander) parents. Yasira Rizvi is performing in the role of Tamana Begum. Kashan’s character (villain) looked weak in the play. The most important role in “Dil Awaiz” is being played by Sammy Rachel. He has played the eternal role of “Akabi”.

Now we are talking about Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi of Seventh Sky Entertainment. These two are not one and one two, but eleven. These two personalities played a significant role in making Geo Entertainment the number one channel. Choose a successful director before preparing any play. After that they help the director to form their own team. There are no shortcomings in terms of location and production. Choose the most standard music director for the title song of the drama. That is why with the popularity of Geo and Seventh Sky dramas, Ost also gained extraordinary popularity.

A recent example of this is the title song of the super hit drama serial “God and Love”. Renowned musician Naveed Nashad had trained him in music, while Sultan Ustad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan had sung it in his melodic voice. So we were talking. The achievements of Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi. One drama does not end with Geo, another masterpiece drama begins. Like a T20 cricket match, the winning fours are hitting sixes.

In making the drama serial “Dil Awaiz” a success, Abdullah Kadwani and Asad Qureshi gave an opportunity to director Mazhar Moin to work openly so that he could show his full potential and “Dil Awaiz” to the audience. Make your favorite drama. After that, the perfect director Mazhar Moin showed such feats that made the drama number one.

In a special meeting, Mazhar Moin, the director of the new generation, revealed the secret of the great success of “Dil Awaiz” and said that whatever I do. I try to be the most unique and different. My whole team worked hard for “Heartbreak”. Each and every one of my team members played a significant role in making the drama stand out. We shot the play in Khairpur, Sindh. Tried to show our viewers the beauty of Pakistan. We did a lot of shooting in Memon Goth, Karachi.

Director Mazhar Moin's masterpiece drama "Dil Awaiz"

Also film some scenes in the Old Clifton area. All of the artists did great work. I don’t focus on one artist. All are equal to me, we worked hard to make senior Pakistani drama actress Jawariya Abbasi’s role of Roshan Ara Begum look good. I told him you have to look angry all the time and not blink your eyelids at all, then he did just that, then put the character to death. Special arrangements were made for them on the lands and they were also shown drinking hookah.

We tried to show the audience the greenery of Pakistan. Usually in our dramas we talk about a big mansion. Lands are mentioned. We made the drama a little different and showed it, so it’s getting a great response. I am a man attached to the earth. Whatever skill I have. All this is a gift from God. Thanks to Geo and Seventh Sky for giving me the full opportunity of my creativity. “Heartbreak”, like its name, ran through the audience’s heart. I will continue to present such dramas for the audience.

Director Mazhar Moin’s art is becoming kandan on low heat. He initially did single plays and then directed superhit dramas like “Qudusi Sahib’s Widow” and “Mehrposh”. He plans to make a film soon, but he will not make a film about a drama artist. Actress Kunza Hashmi has sounded the alarm for her contemporaries by giving an extraordinary performance in “Dil Awaiz”. Kunza Hashmi is rapidly reaching the heights of fame. One of their dramas does not end, then another new drama Dhoom Macha comes.

Kunza has played the role of “Young to Old” in the lead role of “Dil Awaiz”. He has also done a light dance due to the demand of the character in this song, but with a lot of literature. Different colors of his performances can be seen in the play. Sometimes they are very happy, then they look different and when they act in tragedy, they look completely different. Thanks to his lively performances, the popularity of “Dil Awaiz” is increasing day by day. The drama is not over yet. There are many episodes left. In the next episodes, viewers will see Kunza Hashmi at the height of her art.

Madiha Shah, the author of “Dil Awaiz” wrote a very good drama. He won the hearts of the audience by writing the eternal character of “Akabi”. There is no precedent for the way Sammy Raheel portrayed this character as real. Seeing his character reminded me of the Bollywood movie Sharabi “Munshi Ji”. Sami Raheel performed well as the old maid of the mansion. Farhan Ali Agha and Fazeela Qazi played the role of Affan Waheed in the role of parents ie heartfelt mother-in-law.

The most important thing in the play was to make literature appear in its language. The father also addresses his daughter and maid. This drama will promote civilized and literary life in women. In the play, Kashif Mahmood explained what a true artist is. In the role of Nawab Shahabuddin, he appears on the screen with great pomp. In short, the director Mazhar Moin presented a drama in the name of heartbreak which has become memorable and will always be remembered by the audience.

The song “Dil Awaiz” by “Saira Peter” and “Shaukat Nabeel” went viral on social media.

The title song of Geo’s super hit drama “Dil Awaaz” “Qarar Qarar De” has gone viral on social media with the voices of Saira Peter and Nabil Shaukat Ali. Pakistani-born British opera singer Saira Peter says that considering the popularity of Pakistani dramas in Europe, I decided to sing ost of Pakistani dramas in the style of opera. The title song is being liked in my voice. I am also getting a great response from Bollywood to the title song of Geo’s drama Dil Awaaz.

Pakistan is second to none in drama production. The title song of Dil Awaiz has been composed by Naveed Nashad, the music director of Kunbar One. These are the same music directors whose song “I Have You” and the song of Geo’s drama serial “God and Love” Tan Jhoom Man Jhoom set a world record for popularity.

I am busy recording songs for two more Pakistani movies these days. Soon music lovers will hear my voice on the big screen. Playback singing is my own pleasure. First I played Sufi music in a live concert and now I have started working as a playback singer.