Ramz-E-Ishq’s Satisfying Journey Raises The Bar For Entertainment Content On Our Screens


An agonizing death of a mother, forgiveness, and embrace for a disgraced son, a stern punishment for those in the wrong, and long-awaited justice, Ramz-e-Ishq’s last episode gave its fans all they could have wished for and more. The arc of each character seemed complete, with each individual getting what they truly deserved.

Ramz E Ishq Last Episode In Review 

Now that we are aware of its conclusion, we can really marvel at the masterpiece created by director Siraj ul Haq and writer Misbah Nosheen. The nuances and subtle hints that we might not have understood initially, now make complete sense. Perhaps, a second viewing is warranted.

The actors Mikaal Zulfiqar, Hiba Bukhari, Kiran Haq, and the legendary Abid Ali were on the top of their game. Some characters required to show gullibility, some utmost patience, and others a certain level of selfishness. Each of them played their role perfectly, and no one missed a beat.

All this culminated perfectly at the end. The audiences get a message of goodness and patience. If we had to give one overarching theme to the drama, it would be of sacrifice. The message has been delivered beautifully. Hiba Bukhari masterfully navigates through rather complex situations, where she has to let go of any linger resentment and convince even her elders to do the same. There was a sense that this swift change in attitudes might look forced. However, directed Siraj ul Haq skillfully manages to portray it and got the pacing just right.