5 Reasons Why You Need To catch up on Ramz-e-Ishq!


If you have not seen the 7th Sky Entertainment’s serial Ramz-e-Ishq, you are missing out on something, because the play is an emotional love saga that is genuinely worth watching. Directed by Siraj-ul-Haq and written by Misbah Nosheen, the drama has all the right ingredients to keep you hooked.

Here are five reasons why you need to watch Ramz-e-Ishq:

1. A strong storyline

The script of Ramz-e-Ishq has been penned down with a lot of planning. It is a love story that is emotional yet interesting enough to make you look forward to finding out what would happen next. The storyline follows the rich boy Rayyan who is in love with his first cousin Roshni. However, the two cannot get married, because Roshni’s parents had been out-casted from the family a long time ago. There is a lot that happens in the story from then onwards that makes the story intriguing and gives us a reason to watch the drama till the end.