About This Project

Meray Mohsin


This serial is about a couple whose family background, social circle and financial status are contrary to one another and as love prevails they both tend to fall for each other. Soha belonging from an affluent family is ready to leave everything for him. Mohsin, on the other hand, is an obedient and only breadwinner his mother and sisters. Just as Mohsin’s family is depending on so is Soha depending upon his love.

Can Mohsin find balance for his love for Sohaand his family? Will Mohsin’s family be able to accept Soha? Will Soha be able to survive in a complete parallel environment?


Syed Jibran
Rubab Hashim
Saba Hameed
Gul E Rana
Fazila Qazi
Tanveer Jamal
Erum Akhter
Kamran Jilani
Janaan Hussain
Saleem Mairaj
Mariam Nafees
Nazish Jahangir
Khalifa Sajeer Uddin
Daniyal Afzal
Faiza Gilani
Sajid Shah

Written By: Nadia Akhtar
Directed By: Ali Faizan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment