About This Project

Aye Dil Tu Bata


The story revolves around the main protagonist Aqsa, who is an orphan living in a joint family system with her mother Zahra, Uncle, Aunt and her son Aazan. Aqsa is very close to her cousin Aazan. They are like best friends who shares everything with each other.
Aqsa is a very decent, educated and sober girl. She is in her final year of college. Considering the understanding and friendship between Aqsa and Aazan, her mother Zahra wishes to marry her daughter to Aazan. She discusses the same with her sister-in-law Bi Jaan. Being an elder, Bi Jaan holds an influential position in the family.
Aazan’s mother Riffat goes against the thought & announces Tayyaba and Aazan’s engagement. Tayyaba is Riffat’s niece who is cunning, blunt and jealous from Aqsa. Bi Jaan upon disappointment by Riffat asks Zehra to marry Aqsa to her son Ahmed. Ahmed is a mature and well-educated man and a doctor by profession.
Aqsa accepts Ahmed’s proposal and Aazan still considers Aqsa as his best friend. However, Tayyaba (Aazan’s fiancé) and Beenish (Ahmed’s Sister-in-Law) have some indistinctive issues with Aqsa due to her kind nature and quality to win hearts. Hence, they keep planning evil against her and create hurdles in her life.
As the story unfolds, Aqsa’s life will take some interesting twists and turns. She will be dealing with many anomalies like losing her mother, staying homeless, being broken, shattered and alone. This soap encircles the lives of Aqsa, Aazan, Tayyaba and Ahmed. Will Aqsa be able to choose between true love and friendship?


Fatima Afandi
Bilal Qureshi
Ali Ansari
Urooba Mirza
Sabiha Hashmi
Syed Tipu Yorguc Sharif
Tanveer Jamal
Humera Bano
Maria Tahir Khan

Written By: Huma Hina Nafees
Directed By: Ali Akbar
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment