About This Project

Teri Ulfat Mein


Mashal is born in a wealthy family. She is arrogant and looks down upon people who belong to a lower social status. Fate dictates and she falls in love with one of her dad’s servants, Shavaiz. All her pride and arrogance is shattered, when she finds out that she herself wasabandoned in a trash bin. Her father Hassan Baig had rescued her and given her his name. After finding out the reality she loses all her self-confidence. Shavaiz even after knowing the truth remains faithful to her. Mashal eventually realizes that it’s not wealth but character of a person that matters.


Behroze Sabzwari
Javed Sheikh
Areej Fatima
Syed Afraz Rasool
Salina Supra
Fareeha Jabeen
Amna Khan
Farah Ali
Bushra Ali

Written By: Iqra Sagheer Ahmed
Directed By: Nain Munyar
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment