About This Project



Story of a stepmother, Sara, who wants to reform the perception of a stepmother among the minds of everyone but is faced by stern social impediment.

The drama depicts her sacrifices and struggle to deliver the utmost love to the child who is not her real daughter. On the other hand her husband, Hasan is very much worried for the upbringing of his daughter and his relatives keep exploiting his emotions.

The saga becomes more interesting when Sara is blessed with her own child. Unintentionally she ignores her real one to take care of the step daughter which leads to aloof relationship with her real daughter and her ultimate demise.


Javeria Abbasi
Farhan Ali Agha
Qazi Wajid
Saba Hameed
Savera Nadeem
Madiha Iftikhar
Danish Taimor
Mehvish Hayat
Asad Malik
Qaiser Naqvi

Written By: Seema Ghazal
Directed By: Arif Khan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment