About This Project

Pyaar Tou Warh Gaya



Wasay, a vibrant saree shop owner, is content with his life despite being married to his cousin Shazia, a dull and unenthusiastic woman. However, his life takes a dramatic turn when he is swindled by Jamshed, leading to a series of unexpected events.


These events lead to Wasay marrying Manahil, a modern and wealthy woman, in addition to his existing marriage to Shazia. As Wasay navigates his new life, he is blessed with luxurious amenities. However, he struggles to balance his time between his two wives, who are unaware of each other’s existence.


Manahil and Shazia, determined to win Wasay’s attention, transform themselves, leading to a series of comedic events. In an attempt to manage his dual life, Wasay concocts a plan that backfires, landing him in even deeper trouble.


Will Shazia find out that Wasay has married Manahil? Will Manahil discover that Wasay was already married? Will both of Wasay’s wives confront each other? Can Wasay avoid trouble? Will Wasay end up taking the blame in this situation?


Cast Details:

Ahsan Khan
Amar Khan
Sidra Niazi
Adnan Jaffar
Humaira Bano
Behroz Sabzwari
Chand Bawani

Written By: Shakeel Arsalan
Directed By: Ali Faizan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment