About This Project

Sarkar Sahab


SARKAR SAHAB is an unforgettable triangle of love, honor and pride. It is a story of a family that is divided through contradictions, expectations and traditions. In this mega serial, the good natured family man rises to the occasion to preserve all that he has- tradition, lineage and unmistakable honor in his relentless effort to save his only abode; his family.


Asif Raza Mir
Imran Abbas
Zainab Qayyum
Kashif Mehmood Nirma
Faiq Khan
Madiha Iiftikhar
Nayyar Ejaz
Parvenn Akbar
Tabasum Arif

Written By: Seema Ghazal
Directed By: Iram Kamran Qureshi
Produced By: Humayun Saeed, Abdullah Kadwani
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment