About This Project



Roshni is the obedient, good-natured and responsible daughter of Wajahat Ali and Khadija who sacrifices her love for Rayan in favor of the husband chosen for her by her parents. When Wajahat passes away in an unexpected accident, Roshni’s estranged grandfather Hashmat Ali becomes her guardian. Advised by Safia, Wajahat’s sister who secretly resented her brother for her own failed marriage, Hashmat cancels Roshni’s upcoming marriage. Respectful of her grandfather and wanting to heal her family’s old differences, Roshni sacrifices her own choice once again and agrees to marry Umar, the son of the family’s munshi.


Instead of being embraced as a family member, things go from bad to worse for Roshni when she and her husband are treated extremely poorly by her spiteful aunt and her daughter Rania. Will Roshni continue to suffer at the hands of her own grandfather and aunt? Will Rayan, Roshni’s cousin  end up marrying Rania? Or will Roshni be able to get her life back on track somehow and overcome the obstacles that have been put in her path by her very own family?


Mikaal Zulfiqar
Hiba Bukhari
Abid Ali
Kiran Haq
Mirza Gohar Rasheed
Zainab Qayoom
Aijaz Aslam
Nida Mumtaz
Shabbir Jan
Azra Mohyeuddin
Shaista Jabeen
Faryal Mehmood
Manzoor Qureshi
Mubasira Khan
Shehzad Mukhtar
Sofia Khan

Written By: Misbah Nausheen
Directed By: Siraj-ul-Haq
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment