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Pyar Mein Twist


A tWiSted rOmaNtic cOmeDy

Pyar Mein Twist is a ‘Tour de Joie’ Tele-film about Vicky, a lazy guy from Hyderabad who has recently moved to Karachi. Vicky is carefree and a vagabond soul.  He is flirtatious and is seeing his boss’ daughter Fizza. He thinks that very soon his life will take a big u-turn and he will have all the riches of the world. Soon his Ivory Tower of dreams crumbles down when his boss fires him for being indolent. Fizza also decides to leave.  He meets Dr. Shamma at this juncture of his life and he starts dating her, only to discover later that Shamma is not financially too sound. Vicky is going through a lean phase. He does not know what to do and goes to his friend Ahmed to take him out of this trouble. Ahmed helps him in finding a big vacant house. To run the house paying guests are needed.   Now starts the real Hungama.

The first paying guest to get finalized is Uncle Jaidi; a peculiar and yet funny character who brings in color to the whole set up. Then comes Shamma and right after her,  it is Fizza who moves in to live as a paying guest.  She left her father’s house after a fight. Uncle Jaidi now becomes the chef and reluctantly resets the menus and order depending on the arrivals and departures of both the girls, the funny thing is he capitalizes on the opportunity and gets a waiver from Vicky on the rent. Vicky has been successful at convincing each woman that she is the only one.

Vicky’s cousin Jimmy arrives unexpectedly and Vicky explain to his naive cousin how he makes his busy romantic schedule run smoothly. But the schedules of the girl change and Vicky needs help from Jimmy to take care of one of the girl. Jimmy is not as naive as he appears. He steals shamma right under from Vicky’s nose and Vicky does not know! This is not it for Vicky! Will he lose out one of the girls to Jimmy or he will be deprived of both? The twist before the end of the film makes it even more enjoyable.


Abdullah Kadwani
Mohib Mirza
Beenish Chohan
Rauf Lala
Ismail Tara

Written By: Ali Imran
Directed By: Ahsan Talish
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani, Humayun Saeed, Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment