About This Project

Dadi Ka Damad



After knowing about her grandmother’s ailment, Zaviyar decides to return back to Pakistan while his mother gets busy finding marriage proposals for him. Soon after Zaviyar’s arrival, his grandmother passes away and as her last wish asks Zaviyar to become his son in law.


Confused and baffled by his grandmother’s request, Zaviyar learns about his grandmother’s long lost brother and makes efforts to reunite both the families. As the two families reunite, Zaviyar falls in love with his cousin Anaya and chooses to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish.


However, Anaya is someone who lives her life on her own terms and finds Zaviyar’s will to fulfil his grandmother’s last wish unnecessary. From then on Anaya deliberately makes several attempts to pressurize Zaviyar to back off however Zaviyar refuses to do so.
Will Zaviyar give up easily in front of Anaya or will Zaviyar hold his ground and fulfil his grandmother’s last wish? Will Zaviyar and Anaya’s family bridge the gap between the two?


Affan Waheed
Madiha Imam
Hina Bayat
Farhan Ali Agha
Manzoor Qureshi
Bee Gul
Saife Hassan
Humera Bano
Sidra Niazi

Written By: Samira Fazal
Directed By: Saima Waseem
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment