About This Project




Khumar is a timeless love story that delves into the challenges arising from societal class differences and the negativity that stems from them. Khumar explores the complexities of love in the face of societal expectations and challenges. Faiz and Hareem, two individuals from different backgrounds, find their lives connected by destiny.

Faiz, born into an affluent family, contrasts sharply with Hareem, who hails from a
lower-middle-class background. Despite their differences, fate weaves their paths together. Hareem, diligently working to make ends meet amid her brother Rufi’s educational needs and her mother’s medical expenses, faces numerous hurdles. In the midst of her struggles, Faiz, a friend of Rufi’s, silently supports them financially and even gets work for Hareem, albeit discreetly.

Hareem’s family doesn’t know that Faiz loves her, leading to a one-sided love affair. Faiz’s love for Hareem remains a secret, but his mother disapproves of his association with Hareem’s family due to the significant class difference. But fate decides to play its tune, and an unexpected event turns the lives of Faiz and Hareem upside down.

What was this surprising turn of events that changed everything for Faiz and Hareem? Will the gap in their social status keep them apart? Can Faiz convince his mother to accept Hareem? If they marry, can they create a happy life together despite their different backgrounds and mindsets?


Cast Deatils :
Feroze Khan
Neelam Muneer
Hina Bayat
Asma Abbas
Behroz Sabzwari
Zainab Qayoom
Shehryar Zaidi
Adnan Samad
Sheherzade Peerzada
Minsa Malik
Kinza Malik
Mehmood Akhtar
Agha Mustafa
Hamzah Tariq
Ayesha Rajpoot
Mizna Waqas

Written By: Maha Malik
Directed By: Ali Faizan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment