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The story revolves around the central character Nimra (Arij Fatima), who belongs to well established, noble and traditional family. She is kind of romantic and fun loving girl but her fiancé Adnan (Adeel Chaudhry) to whom she is engaged since her childhood is having dry personality. Nimra never appreciates his rude and introvert behavior towards her.

One day Nimra meets with the cousin of her friend, Farhad (Farhan Mali). He is jolly, ebullient and full of life type guy. He catches Nirma’s attention in early meetings and she starts adoring him.

Her misery starts when she commits adventurous step of leaving home and start living with Farhad in his student sharing room. Nimra’s family reputation gets damaged with this act and her brother Saad (Taifoor Khan) wants to kill her.

Adnan ties the knot with Nimra’s younger sister Aqsa (Saniya Shamshad) to take revenge from ex-fiancé. Farhad’s mother also denied accepting Nimra as his life partner and Nimra has to move some of her relative’s house. She undergoes in a situation to marry with widower man.

What future really holds for Nimra? Will she be able to catch good days of life again?


Areej Fatima
Adeel Chaudhry
Sania Shamshad
Farhan Maali
Seemi Pasha
Humaira Zaheer
Anum Tanveer
Faryal Mehmood
Saleem Mairaj
Taifoor Khan
Maria Khan
Barjees Farooqi

Written By: Samra Bukhari
Directed By: Ahmed Kamran
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment