About This Project

Dard Aashna


It is Omer Arfeen’s story who lives with his wife and children in luxury and comfort. But one day Omer Arfeen loses everything.When he needs his family’s support the most, they abandon him. The support which Omer’s wife Sania should have given him, comes from his cousin Rabiya. Sania’s arrogance eventually destroys her completely. Rabiya with her selfless love not only win Omer’s heart but his children’salso.


Farhan Ali Agha
Sabreen Hisbani
Zainab Qaiyoom
Shehroz Sabzwar
Momal Sheikh
Syed Yourguc Tipu
Sadia Gaffar
Seemi Pasha
Manzoor Qureshi
Raheel Butt
Jaharan Hai
Farah Nadeem

Written By: Saira Arif
Directed By: Arif Khan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment