About This Project

Tere Mere Sapnay



Amal, a beautiful and charming girl resides with her father, uncle, aunt, and cousin. Amal exudes confidence and possesses a resilient personality.


On the other side is Azlan, a young and attractive orphan, who shares his home with his uncle, aunt, and cousin. His visit to Amal’s city, initially for a wedding, takes an unexpected turn, leading to a fateful encounter between Azlan and Amal.


As their connection deepens, Azlan and Amal find themselves falling in love. However, their budding romance faces an unforeseen challenge as unresolved issues from the past resurface, casting a shadow over the path of their love.


Is there a chance for Amal and Azlan to build a future together? What events from the past will influence their future? Will the families of Amal and Azlan play a supportive role in bringing them together?


Cast Details:
Shahzad Sheikh
Sabeena Farooq
Noor Hassan
Hina Bayat
Saqib Sumeer
Hira Soomro
Madiha Rizvi
Sheherzade Peerzada
Aadi Khan

Written By: Samra Bukhari
Directed By: Ali Faizan
Produced By: Abdullah Kadwani & Asad Qureshi
Production: 7th Sky Entertainment