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Based on a True Stroy

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Winner of 2006 Lux Awards for Best Serial

Written by
Bushra Ansari

Produced by
Humayun Saeed
Abdullah Kadwani

Directed by
Kamran Qureshi

Bushra Ansari
Khayaam Sarhadi
Shabbir Jan
Shagufta Ejaz
Ayesha Sana
Shahud Alvi
Saleem Sheikh
Saira Khan
Fahad Salahuddin
Mona Lisa
Qaiser Khan
Naheed Shabbir
Myra Khan
Adnan Jilani
Parveen Akber
Jahenzeb Gorchani



The story of Maakan is a classic portrayal of how a house and home are two separate state of existence. It is an extraordinary saga revolving around relationships that are bitter, harsh and shocking. Maakan is one such story where the mighty fall and the oppressed rise. Where in the end a house becomes a home.

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