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Shot on Location at The Noor Mahal Bhawal Pur

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Written by
Seema Ghazal

Produced by
Humayun Saeed
Abdullah Kadwani

Directed by
Kamran Qureshi

Asif Raza Mir
Imran Abbas
Zainab Qayyum
Kashif Mehmood Nirma
Faiq Khan
Madiha Iiftikhar
Nayyar Ejaz
Parvenn Akbar
Tabasum Arif

Sarkar Sahab


SARKAR SAHAB is an unforgettable triangle of love, honor and pride. It is a story of a family that is divided through contradictions, expectations and traditions. In this mega serial, the good natured family man rises to the occasion to preserve all that he has- tradition, lineage and unmistakable honor in his relentless effort to save his only abode; his family.

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