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A+ Casting
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Television Award
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Shot on Location in Dubai

Only the best

Winner of 2005 Lux Awards for Best Serial & Best Male Actor

Written By
Seema Ghazal

Produced by
Humayun Saeed
Abdullah Kadwani

Associate Producer
Shahid Parekh

Executive Producer
Salman Nanitalwala

Directed by
Syed Suleman

Talat Hussain
Humayun Saeed
Samina Peerzada
Shahzad Nawaz
Javeria Jalil
Aijazz Aslam
Parveen Akbar
Raju Jamil
Ahsan Khan
Nazli Nasr
Shehroze Subzwari
Mubashir Abbas

Also featuring from India
Amna Sharif
Nausheen Sardar
Praksith Sani
Sheela Sharma
Kunika Sadanand

Theme Song by
Sonu Nigam

Composed By

Wasih Shah



A story of one man's ego, that gets in the way of everyone and everything around him. It is a story of tangled emotions, strained family relations, misgiving and tainted hearts.

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